Onward and Outward…

OK, I made it to Texas. We’ve been here about six weeks and are pretty much enjoying it. Adjusting to a two bedroom apartment instead of a three bedroom house is a bit difficult. Note to parents of teenagers: Don’t let your kids bring their skateboards and bikes into the apartment pool. It really messes the water up. And to parents of little children: TEACH THEM NOT TO PEE IN THE APARTMENT POOL OR ON THE PLANTINGS AROUND THE APARTMENT POOL! And to the adults: NO SEX IN THE APARTMENT POOL! KEEP YOUR BODILY FLUIDS TO YOURSELF! This has been my public service announcement.

Now, the story has gotten so out of hand, I am splitting it up into two books. I am doing the final edits on the first one now and will be sending a query to an agent in the next day or so. One thing I’ve noticed is when the Muse strikes, you have no choice but to write. If it ain’t there, what comes out is pretty much crap. My Muse comes upon me when I can let go of everything that bothers me. That clears me out and good stuff comes. I’m also growing short stories; a couple of them are ready for critiquing. But this beast that is coming out os taking me places I never thought it could.

Now, Texas is a great place. I never knew they had a Texas Pledge of Alligiance. They say it in schools right after the National Pledge of Alligiance. For an aspiring author, Texas it has it all. The cost of living is a lot cheaper than New England. There is great food, great music and cheap beer! The people are friendly and open. We’ve made a lot of new friends here; I may even have found someone to collaborate with on a few stories.

I hope the agent I’ve chosen likes the story. I’m open for all kinds of constructive criticism. If anybody needs a place to have their stories critiqued, I highly recommand http://www.critters.org/. They are a fabulous bunch of people!

I’m gonna go bury my head in some meditation tapes for the night…

D. D. Tannenbaum


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