ConDFW 2009 was great!

Had a great weekend in Dallas attending the ConDFW 2009. It was an excellent conference; there were tons of panels on a wide variety of subjects. They ranged from Space Warfare 101 (with David Weber) to Comedy Trends in Science Fiction (with the Four Redheads of the Appocolypse). Of special interest was the panel called “Whodunit?”, about adding the mystery element in your writing. Bill Crider and Jim Butcher (The Dresden Files) did a masterful job with lots of advice.

All the panels I attended were informative and lots of fun. Especially the ones that had Selina Rosen, owner of Yarddog Press on them. Yard Dog Press is a small publishing company out of Arkansas that does a great job of publishing talented authors that haven’t been noticed by the big houses yet. She always has a funny anecdote or comment, and lots of much-needed advice to spread around. If you ever attend a Con, see if Yard Dog Press is there and say hello.

I really recommend these types of conventions; they are excellent sources of information and encouragement.


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