I am NOT David Weber (although I could probably play him on TV)…

I had one very interesting moment at the Con. I was at a hospitality suite talking to someone when this guy comes from out of nowhere and starts talking to me like we’ve spent the day together. Then he asks me “What are you requirements to be a Guest at our local convention?” Now, my Plank Time reflexes kicked in. All movement in the room slowed down and took on a reddish hue; convesations dropped to such a deep rumble, I couldn’t understand anything. In this altered state my mind raced; “How does this guy know me? How did he know my first short story will be published in a brand new magazine that will come out in June?” I figured something wasn’t quite right, but who was I to spit in Murphy’s eye? I dropped back into normal mode; Everyone sped up and lost their reddish hue, and I could understand the conversations again. I look this guy dead in the eye (which was kind of painful, because he was well over six feet tall, while I barely top out at five foot and ten inches) and said “Well, my requirements are… (drumroll please!) JUST ASK ME!” He smiled and glanced down at my name tag. I watched a look of embarrased horror crawl across his face. He took a step back and said “Oh my God! I’m so sorry! You’re not…”
I sighed and said, “No, I’m not David Weber, but I guess I do look a bit like him.” So much for my picosecond of glory! After having met David Weber I decided there was more than just a passing resemblance. We both are big guys with shaved heads. We both wear glasses and we both sport small goatee’s and perenially have a Blue Tooth Headset welded to our ears. The most obvious difference between us is that he is a New York Times best-selling author of over forty novels. with over five million books in print. And I am none of these things (YET!!!!) I guess it’s time to update my picture so this will make more sense…

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