On Plagiarism…

I run a little online magazine called Infinite Windows. I run it both as a hobby and a learning tool to help me shape my skills at editing. It’s done very well for itself and I have received many good stories, poetry and artwork. Imagine my surprise when one of contacts on Twitter informed me that a piece story I had published was stolen from another author.

I quickly followed a link I was given, which led me to the original author’s site and several other authors whose work had been plagiarized. Apparently this person who goes under the name of Richard Ridyard has been doing this for a while. For more detailed information on this situation, I will refer you to Aaron Polson, Angel Zapata and Deb Biancotti’s Blogs.
Plagiarism does no one any good. For the author whose work is stolen, it generates frustration and anger. For the editors of the publications these stories are submitted to, it causes more work and aggravation. But ultimately, for the plagiarist it causes the most damage. They will be found out, In this day and age, nobody can do this and not get caught. Mr. Ridyard (or whomever his real name is – and he will be discovered, believe me!) has destroyed any hope of becoming a published author in his own right. No body will ever believe anything he ever submits is his own work.
On top of everything else, this individual has committed theft of intellectual property. And if he has been paid for any of this plagiarised work, it is out and out theft. Period.
So for the Richard Ridyards of the world, you will be found out and your reputation will be permanently ruined. Nobody trusts a liar.

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