“Til Death Cake Recipe

I was asked by a friend to come up with a recipe for a ‘Til Death Cake. Here is my take on it!

This recipe has been carefully refined over the last fifty years. It is to the point where, when consumed by the proper person, will engender an understanding of Me.

Ingredients for cake:

3 Cups of Unconditional Love
1 Cup of Betrayal
1 Cup of Confusion
1 Cup of Anger and Frustration
1 Cup of Pure Sweetness
1/2 Cup of Oil of Tenderness
1/2 Cup of Understanding
1/4 Cup of Requited Love
2 Eggs Worth of Compassion
1 Tablespoon of Bittersweet Memories

Ingredients for frosting/filling:

2 Cups Pure Light
1/2 Cup of Pure Sweetness
1/2 Cup of Dark Dreams and Fantasies
1 Ounce of Angels Tears (for that ineffable feeling)

Combine all dry ingredients in My soul. Thoroughly mix with leather belts and humiliation, for twelve years. Then add the Oil of Tenderness, Understanding, Compassion and Unrequited Love for a total of fifty year. Sprinkle in the Bittersweet Memories over time.

Thoroughly beat mix until creamy and consistently off-kilter. Pour into two undetermined sized backing pans, coated in Damned Bad Timing.

Preheat Oven of Life to New Discovery setting. Place pans in oven for one year and hope for the best.

In the meantime, combine all ingredients for frosting in a large bowl and hand-mix with the wooden spoon I used to get beaten with.

When the cake is done (stick a fork in it and see if it is still sticky), remove and let cool for a couple of months.

Upon cooling, fill and frost the cake. Garnish with Trust, Hope and Promises.

Offer it to the right One and say a prayer…


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