About Dan Tannenbaum

I  was born in a quiet little hamlet on the banks of the Lower Hudson River. You may have heard of it… Brooklyn.

I discovered Science Fiction and Fantasy at a very early age By age eleven, I was building lasers and making ink from a chemistry set. I was also studying the atom and discovered Physics and Quantum Mechanics (Niels Bohr and Albert Einstein were my boyhood heroes). It was also at this age that I discovered Star Trek. This show actually set the stage for the rest of my life. I was fascinated with Mr. Spock and the computer. Since there were no FTL starships in my immediate future, I decided I wanted to work with computers. (Thank you Leonard Nimoy!)

When I went to high school in September of 1969, I started down a new road. Brooklyn Technical High School was one of the very few (only five) high schools in New York City that had a computer. It was an old IBM 1130, with 4 kilobytes of memory and a 5 megabyte disc cartridge the size of a pizza box. The class was called Computer Math and I was hooked! We were taught the rudiments of computer technology and programming. I learned Assembler and FORTRAN. We were going to learn COBOL, but 4 KB was not enough memory for the compiler. We created the requisite picture of the moon, and Mona Lisa on the printer and in general had lots of fun.

After high school I stayed with technology for my entire career, picking up a penchant for teaching along the way. I have taught computer skills to people of all ages and have to say it is one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.

After almost forty years I retired and decided to take up writing full time, so here we are!


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  1. waves hand enthusiastically
    Hey, You….yeah…you at the computer
    hello again, and will be able to do some reading….thanks

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