…and so it begins

…and so it begins
said the angel Kosh
to a room full of emptiness
no one heard or saw
the signs and portents
of what was to come
interplay of light and Shadow
asking unanswerable questions
who trod our playground
who demanded obedience
who fostered war and chaos
the image of elders passed on down
stardust reincarnated
from the One who was
to the One who is
and the One who will be
Hand of God strikes fire
in the belly of the Shadow
and Shadow minions
common man ascends
to salt the earth with fire
hero disdains death
ultimate sacrifice once made
chose again to make
step again to deaths door
knock but no one answers
once a foe saves the day
pillars of fire vanquished
peace restored life moves on
old age and dreams claim a hero
sleeping in light forevermore
awaiting his love beyond the rim


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