complexifying future

fireball xl-5 roams sector 26
steve zodiac flies to the rescue

planet patrol spinning galaspheres
larry dart saves the day

there you go astroboy
call tobor the eighth man
thunderbirds are go
spectrum is green
madman in a blue box

where is my jetpack
where are my o’neill colonies
where is peace
where is my future promised forever

is there a doctor in the house

modern day hero does not exist
semi anti hero thrust into limelight
forced to decide
which hat to wear
which choice to make

nothing is black or white
i am become gray

standing between the candle and the fires of hell
standing between good and evil
standing between light and dark
is easy
staying pure is not

complex moralities
make me yearn
simpler times
simpler heros
simpler villains

super duper evil death ray
against chewing gum and bailing wire

flash gordon
buck rodgers
where are you

ming the merciless is running the world
killer kane and the master
his ministers sinister and dexter
making us believe things are right

history written by winners
slippery souls
cheating hearts
not pure evil
not enough good

men in black suits
hearts of dark gray

time to return
sherman sets the wayback machine
back to simpler times
simpler evil
simpler good
clear cut

time to return to the shores of yesteryear
back to my old friends
books and tv from a gentler time
library time
hidden by special ones who know
truth is in musty pages
truth is in cracked binding!

i want my maypo
ovaltine on the side
golden age book in hand
destroy all monsters with an atomic toaster

take me back


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