innocence unchained

i fair weep for the little ones
those with no understanding
tempest-tossed at best
heart-damaged at worst
children of creation
treated cruelly by their peers
i fair weep for the world

but who am i in my arrogance
to question the Mother, Yahweh, Allah
G-d in His/Her many names
primal source of all
i cannot gainsay the thoughts
of those so much greater than i
but rail i shall against
dogma of man and beast

written in the Book in many languages
the sacrifice of abraham
must henceforth cease
no longer will innocence be sacrificed
to the alter of lies and perdition
to the alter of ego and wanting
to the alter of unnamed atrocities

tis time for that rough beast
that slouchteth its way
towards jerusalem
to be put to the sword
of love and compassion

time for the sleeper to awaken
to the destiny of love and cherishment
‘ere it be drowned in the blood-dimmed tide
Father forgive them
for they no not what pain they cause
in pursuit of pleasure

it is time…


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