night thoughts

a cat is at her best at night
whether sleeping or padding quietly
she rules her kingdom benevolently
unless she spies a stray word
hiding from her secret stare
wondering if it will be left alone
alone in the night this word sits
quietly as a mouse in church
hiding itself amidst
the dust of leftover writings
a day before this word had power
this word had glory
this word had might
but afterthoughts lose themselves
and words relinquish their hoary spells
once the Muse has past
so shamefully this word hides
hoping the cats eyes will glide
and allow the word to sit mortified
until its’ time to pass has come
but alas and alack

from the cat comes the word “drat!”

and her eyes spy the hiding place
of the word cowering in fear.
she reaches down so delicately
and cups the shivering word
and whispers ever so gently to it
like a lover found
after eternity of no sound

“now there is my good preposition!
i have been looking all over for you!”

and gingerly she places the word
once lost but now been found
and restores to it the majesty
it lost when it hit the ground
nestled among
nouns and pronouns
verbs and adverbs
participles and diphthongs
the lonely word has found its reward

cat closes her eyes with a sigh
of satisfaction of a job well done
cat and words drift off to rest
another day has ended


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