quest for ourselves

In our quest to find love and completion we sometimes lose sight of the fact that we must find ourselves first, find the essential core of who we are. Without that, without an acceptance of self in all our flaws and glory, it will be most difficult to find happiness and fulfillment.

We ourselves are the Undiscovered Country. With pith helmet on, lantern in our hands, we boldly trudge through the treacle of life to find the shining spark that is the inner hope of ourselves.

Once this spark is discovered, we must fan the flames of who we are. Accept all of our flaws and grace. We are all made of flaws stitched together by love and grace. To deny any part of ourselves is to deny the whole and therefore to deny the Grace we were born with.

Onward, ever onward, deeper and deeper into ourselves. Cover what we find in the finest rouge and let our quest through life supply the friction that polishes our personalities to reveal the shining souls that we truly are.

Namaste… in every sense of the word. 🙂


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