questions of me

why why why why
the question is asked
call the question

what is missing
where are you
who are you
what are you

skin to skin seems a fantasy
unrealized dreams
longing searching
cannot must not

sink into oblivion
relinquish hold on dreams of happiness
succumb to ennui
and desecration

I stand on Kevin’s Watch
and look out at the wasteland of my life
have I done good
have I done ill
have I been a force for good
or an agent of evil

my only answer is yes and why
yes and why yes and why
who am i
why am i here
what do i have worth living for
whom do i serve and whom do i trust
i am an agent of change

then the answers come
with the calling of those questions
i serve what must needs to be served
a higher power than us all
life dedicated to growth
life dedicated to life
blessed/cursed with knowledge

times are immanent
life is immanent
truth is immanent
beauty and joy are immanent

my life is spent is service
to unimaginable dreams
of peace of love of beauty of joy

no longer why
the aberration passes
resolve has returned
focus on the future
focus on what must be

damn the torpedoes
warp factor two mister sulu
ramming speed
abort the salting of the earth
the common man is ascendant
but not with pillars of fire

but with pillars of the Numinous
it is time for love to be ascendant


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