rapunzel sits in her tower
alone with words
reaching up she undoes her tresses
falling like a cascade of the finest hemp
brown silken rope
woven from spider or caterpillar
warp and weft and weave of softness
tapestry of a soul
untrammeled gentleness
offering a way
to climb the stairs
to her intellect and heart
a long road these brown locks
heading straight to soul
each treasured inch of hair
each measured inch of joy
tangled in travel
knowing more with each step taken
knowing the response if tugged
shibari hair wrapped around
binding one to thee
connecting yet not hidden
bound yet free
cascade of hair
ocean of waves
settling like autumn leaves
gently drifting to the ground
hair draped across breasts
fingers running through
sensuous motion bringing air to hidden treasure
braided too long yearning for freedom
hair and heart as one
dark beautiful free


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