red dust and memories

dusty road of georgia clay
raised cloud of red
tracks in the dust
footprints mark the road
like footprints left on my heart
times past energy spent
capacity exhausted choices made
memories written in the dust
love making on the tarn
damp from the lake
empassioned skin red as hearts blood
memories of you
tangled with memories of me
battered chevy truck
cracked vinyl seats
old musty smell
love born on a hot georgia night
memories of drive-in food
last malt shop
holding hands at the prom
gentle kiss on old front porch
gramma sitting on swing with a glower
fast forward through memories and times
children work love hatred leave-taking
nothing left but painful memories
years and lives grow longer
past recedes backwards
then comes the call
you are leaving us all
returning on wings of mercury
memories of you fast forward
in staccato crescendo of emotion
in your presence I find a stranger
where is my big-boned georgia girl
who is this phantom
you call my name I sit by your side
one last time you ask to the tarn
one last time please
in my arms you are a breeze
you are distilled down
to twenty-one grams of essential nature
old chevy lovingly kept
drives us to our last memory
softly I lay you down on the dusty clay
open your dress to reveal
ravages of nature and time
in the heat I kiss the drops
of sweat from the body I could never forget
entering you for one last time
rhythm of love-making gentle now tender
slowly bringing back memories of youth
memories of wasted years and substance
regret beyond imagining wells up in my
as I bring our life together to its climax
to your final climax
you whisper my name as you reach for the heavens
and you are twenty-one grams lighter and silent
I call the children and tell them to come
while I wait I take the old shovel from the truck
and carve one final memory in the red dust


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