Tender Empress

Tender Empress

Your final message reaches us on a wisp of tachyons

To tell the tale of your death

Your beauty drives men mad


Though full ten thousand years have passed

Since your days of glory

We mount our ships in search of you


We come on wings of fire

Tempted by the light of your ending

Drawn like a moth to a flame


We fly farther than we have ever

Longing to know you

Who you were, what you were


For months we labor in flight

Traveling where we have never trod

Braving dangers that dwindle our numbers


At last we see your star on our horizon

Still unquiet with the throws of your death-song

Our fair ships battle bright hell to come closer


At last we see your world beneath us

A message of anguish and longing greets us

A tale of your last mighty days


Tender Empress

Your visage lay before us; your siren song compels us

Though we doom ourselves to land among your ruins

Our last ship lands, knowing it will never return


The last of us stand before your gates

Your citadel beckons with wonders untold

Standing perfect among the blasted ruins of your world


We know you died in battle against an unyielding foe

Preserved you did your final armies to someday carry on

And bring to the stars your glory once again


Your warriors stand silent, rank upon rank

Awaiting naught but your command

To once again take arms against your foe


A million ships lay harbored, protected by your shining shield

Would that we could pass unhindered through

That we might study as we worship you


Your image draws us near

A portal beckons and one reaches out

The portal opens and we are one less


Your silent temple lights with our sacrifice

We feel great engines beneath our feet

They stir and marshal their energies


We see the spire of your resting place

In the center of your glory

Haste we make to covet what though wast



Tender Empress

Twenty ships, five hundred men were sent to seek you out

All driven mad by your unearthly beauty

Only ten of us survive


We reach your palace of silver and jade

And dare to breach the doors

Another falls and we enter


We march through silent halls

The boot heels of our armor

Ring like a sacrilege in your temple


At last we find our treasure

Lying upon a bier of pure white

Your delicate features ensorcel us


With reverence we approach

And touch your bier to honor you

And we find a message there



Tender Empress

The truth plunges us into despair

No queen of stars and beauty

But a conquering vixen


Your ruthlessness unfolds

Of the many worlds you have raped

And of treasures that you’ve stolen


You leave a final message:

To waken you from your slumber

Will take a kiss and cost a man his soul


We know not what to do

We cannot breathe your air

Our final ship will shelter us but for mere days


We make a pact amongst ourselves to end ours days

We will move our ship to your bright citadel

And destroy your beauty and your villainy


We turn to seal our fate

But one of our numbers, his final senses lost

Opens his faceplate to air not fit for us


Before we can stop him from his horrid fate

He places a gentle kiss upon your elfin lips

And as the light dims in his eyes we see yours shining bright


We know our doom, cursed be we

For unsealing you from eternal night

Your warriors awake, the screaming starts

God help us, this ‘aye night!


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