the mirror crack’d

comes the day the mirror crack’d
and told the tale of time
ten thousand lifetimes’ weight it seems
will dampeneth my shine

when faced with my mortality
from time to time after time
incidents arise and show
my span of time is short

heart pain erupts and drowns my joy
’tis toward my journeys end
that longingly I do look back
on loves old duty spent

though unfulfilled ’tis wasted not
travels always filled my heart
though unrequited every time
the taste is there to savor

doth my life aspire to vintage
or is it just vinegar before its’ time
looking back amidst confusion
no one dare to break this rime

so drift i back to yesteryear
and relive glories old
of love and joy companionship
with just a tinge of lackless mirth

not sour grapes but honest thoughts
review friend pass in review
evaluations and examinations
tell me what was true

the mirror crack’d again today
another shard was lost
such sweetness slipped away from me
a tale told too many times

my soul is always tempest tossed
from time to time after time


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