Who are you?

A simple question, but not so simple an answer. Are you really this physical body? Are you this personality? This discreet identity living in a cave of bone and peering out at the world? Or are we something more? When we are born into this consensual hallucination we call reality, we are taught certain things. We are taught pain and joy, right and wrong, love and hate. We are taught that the physical is all, that our five senses speak truth to us.

In reality, we are cut off from our heritage, our birthright. We are born of what I will call the One (the totality of conscious awareness we think of as God) and spend a segment of what we call linear time existing in what appears to be a physical body. I say “appears” because what we see as reality and all things physical, are composed of energy, intelligent energy bound and manifest in forms that we observe and believe have substance.

When we are taught that we are “individuals” it installs fear in us. Fear of being lone and unprotected. When we fear, we are admitting our separation from the Source, the One. When we fall prey to the consensual hallucination we call “reality”, we are in fact saying we are not perfect or deserving of Love. That we must strive to be loved and thought well of.

We allow ourselves to be satisfied by less than what is our due as conscious, aware intelligence.

Once we believe that another has the power to affect us, for good or ill, we then believe ourselves to be less than we are. And our freedoms are lost in the name of safety. And we are out in a container of our own making.

When in fact we are Love incarnate; an expression of the Numinous. Who are we indeed? It is so hard to answer hat question. Do we even have the capacity to ask it of ourselves? It is something each of us have to discover for ourselves.


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