you got me girl

who the fuck are you
how dare you fuck with my head
you sit there all haughty and shit
this big girl with dark hair
you are so not my type
you are so not what I am looking for
surrounded by these little country girls
all great fucks all hot babes
this one give great blow jobs
that one lets me fuck her anyway i want
i’m the one that gets them all
anyone i want anything at all
i fuck and walk i get it all
my smile catches them
they love my truck
I never hear “no”
I don’t feel anything for them
just toys to me
oh hell i’m polite but never make promises
just fun for us all

but you damn you
you smile across the bar
my knees get week
i get a funny feeling in my pit
you are with friends
you are all laughing
you loudest of all

what the fuck
why do i feel this way
why does a smile from a  stranger
make me feel like a school kid
make me crazy

it ain’t supposed to be this way
i have to chose i have to take
i’m the man my choice my game

so why do i break away from a sure thing
why do i walk over to you
why do i interrupt you
introduce myself
by you a beer
where the fuck is my control
lost, lost in your eyes
lost in your hair
lost, ever so lost in your smile

who the fuck are you
i am a man not a toy
why can’t i get control
we talk about simple shit
farms and horses and corn fields

you look at me and tell me you are ready
ready for what i wonder
then you smile and take my hand
walk me out to my truck
you kiss me
its like the fourth july in my chest
what the fuck
who the fuck are you
big tits big hips
you got a belly on you too

but what the fuck
what is going on
what are you doing to me
your tongue is in my mouth
like a snake on the run

hey! you bit my damn lip!
that shit is hot what the fuck
we jump in my truck and get to my house

we tear each others clothes off
on the way to the bedroom
we’re naked and fall on the bed
damn what the fuck is going on
you jump on me and slide my cock into your wet cunt
you ride me like a prize stallion

i look up in the dim light form another room
i see your tits bouncing and swaying
i reach up and take them
squeeze them pinch and twist the nipples
you moan and ride me harder
i take my thumb and rub your clit
while you ride this confused cowboy

you ride me hard you are so wet
your cunt is pouring out juice
you run your hands up and down my body
what the fuck what are you doing to me
you scratch me and rub me and pinch my nipples
damn that feels good what the fuck

i haven’t felt this good in a long damn time
out of nowhere i cum i empty myself in you
you shudder and scream and collapse on top of me
your cunt just pouring out juice
i feel your tits press against my chest
so big and yet so firm
you breath in short raspy breathes
after a while you smile up at me

you roll off still shuddering
still cumming
you look at me and say
*”Get me a beer, willya, cowboy?*
*It’s gonna be a long night and i’m thirsty.”*

what the fuck who the fuck are you
you ain’t anybody i ever wanted to be with
nobody i ever expected

then why the fuck am i thinking about
making room for your shit in my house

what the fuck
who the fuck are you
i’m the one who gives the orders
i’m the one that has fun and walks away

what the fuck
who the fuck are you

oh well, what the fuck
i go get the beer
and see what the fuck happens

what the fuck
i’m whistling as i get the beer
what the fuck

…and where the hell did my smile come from

what the fuck
you broke me girl
what the fuck

you got me girl


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